How the Miracle League Came to North Texas

“Every Child Deserves A Chance to Play Baseball”

The late Doug Inman, a successful entrepreneur, was looking for a new challenge, something special in 2004, when he saw a report on “The Miracle League” on the national news.

As he watched, Inman saw kids with autism, kids who were physically-challenged, kids who were blind and kids with Down’s Syndrome, all playing baseball for the first time. He saw their smiles, heard their cheers and felt their joy, he was smitten.

These special players had their own uniforms, their own specially built fields and they had “buddies” who helped them at-bat while on the field.  Players heard their names announced as they came to bat, just like real baseball players, for the first time.

In the Miracle League, no one lost , everyone on the team got the chance to bat, everyone got a base-hit, and the last batter cleared the bases with a grand slam after every inning!

Inman, with tears running down his face, was sold. He would bring “The Miracle League” to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

He began the process of raising $400,000 to build the area’s first Miracle League Field on land donated by the city of Arlington at Randol Mill Park.

“The Miracle League was a spiritual experience for me,” Inman said a few months before his death, the result of melanoma, in Sept. of 2007. “It was like stepping out in faith, it was the first time I’ve done any community service in my life.  I felt the reason it was so successful was because I was just obedient to what God wanted me to do.”


It was as if God had one last mission for Inman to accomplish before calling him home.

With Inman’s drive and incredible will, the Miracle League has flourished since its inception. Games are played on a special rubberized field with no obstacles. The base paths and bases are painted on so there is nothing to get in the way of players whether they are running, in wheelchairs or using walkers.

This is a place where dreams come true, where smiles brighten each day, where the imagination can run free and true.

Welcome to the Miracle League. “We’re on a mission from God!”

By Jim Reeves
Acclaimed Sports Writer & Miracle League Founding Board Member

Every Miracle League field and program is locally built, locally operated and locally funded… by selfless individuals and big-hearted companies who first catch a vision of these amazing players joyfully playing the game they love before a community that loves them!

Presently there are 320 Miracle League Organizations across the country including Puerto Rico, Canada and our newest member in Australia. The Miracle League is proud to serve over 200,000 children and young adults with disabilities.